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MIA’s Bio


Very early on in her life, her parents noticed her exceptional manual skills and creativity and they decided to put her in Rudolph Steiner alternative school, where all basic knowledge is acquired through artwork and children learn the basics of drawing, painting and sculpting at a very young age. Going back to a more “regular” school in 7th grade was difficult for her and she’s always struggled to adapt to the requirements of the traditional academic environment. She did get a college certificate in Interior design at the end of a tumultus teenagehood. She also attended university in environmental design for two years hoping to get into visual arts, but she was deemed “too atypical to fit in” by the direction of the program.


As a young adult she traveled the world. Most of these trips were made in solo, which can represent an extra challenge, especially in Asia where male dominance culture is very present.  Out of these experiences, aside from personal growth, came the urge to succeed in life as a free spirited woman. 


In 2008, being mother of two toddlers, didn’t stop her, when she launched her business in food carving, which still strives today. Now, she feels her work in contemporary art is mature enough to get showed and she’s proud to be “emerging” as a femme artist at 43 years of age!

MIA BUREAU's artistic approach:
MIA BUREAU, Video 1. O.V. english sub-titles
MIA BUREAU, Video 2. O.V. english sub-titles
MIA BUREAU, Video 3. O.V. english sub-titles
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