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 School workshop
fruits and vegetables carving
For high school

Stimulate your student's creativity with our fruit and vegetable carving workshops! Offer them an educational and playful experience that will enhance their creativity and foster their love for healthy eating.

Looking for an educational and stimulating activity for your students? Look no further! Our fruit and vegetable carving workshops offer a fun and enriching experience that will encourage the creativity and artistic expression of your young learners.



What our workshops offer:


• Hands-on experience: Students will have the opportunity to discover the art of fruit and vegetable carving by creating their own masterpieces under the expert guidance of an award-winning culinary sculptor.


• Skill development: In addition to stimulating their creativity, students will enhance their fine motor skills, patience, and ability to follow instructions.


• Discovery of healthy eating: By working with fresh fruits and vegetables, students will be introduced to the importance of a balanced diet and will discover new fun ways to consume fruits and vegetables. Why choose our workshops?


• Adaptability: We can customize the workshop to suit the needs of your class and your school curriculum.


• Lasting inspiration: Give your students an experience that will inspire them long after the workshop ends and encourage their creativity in other areas.


Contact us today to book a fruit and vegetable carving workshop for your class and give your students an educational and fun experience they won’t soon forget!

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